Month: September 2014

How to enjoy maximum sexual impact (II)

A wife should lovingly participate actively in caressing, kissing and fondling with her husband’s body. While doing this, she in turn becomes excited and produces fluid that helps lubricate her vagina and makes entry of the penis easy. If the wife has a dry vagina, she may either use artificial lubricant or use her tongue to lubricate the tip of her husband’s penis before the husband enters her.  This makes thrusting in and out very easy and painless.  Alternatively, she may lovingly tell her husband to use his own tongue to lubricate her vagina since the mouth is always...

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5 Non-Sexual Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

One of our biggest needs as human beings is to feel connected and super significant to another. Being able to fully trust and be honest with our partners together with being respectful and respected defines intimacy in a relationship. When these basics are covered, it becomes easier to resolve arguments or unmet needs. When we first got together, the attraction was intense, four-hour midnight conversations were normal and intimacy was sky high. We simply couldn’t keep our hands off each other and the physical desire to sneak kisses and touch each other at any opportunity was so strong. And...

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10 Ways To Help Your Relationship Go From Rocky To Racy

Relationships can include a whole roller coaster of emotions, and it certainly can have its ups and downs. Here are ten ways you can re-establish your relationship from rocky to racy, even when things get rough: Recreate the Chemistry You Two Had – Focus on the spark when you first met your partner and concentrate on that. Recreate some ‘mood moments’ that had you both ready to romp in the early stages of your relationship. Turn Off Cyber Love – Turn off the cell phones, ditch the iPad and head for the bedroom. If you’re not in the mood for loving, go for a walk, give each...

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How to enjoy maximum sexual impact

For many months now, questions have rolled in from various couples asking for what to do to enjoy maximum sex.  So today, we shall be studying the technicality for maximum sexual enjoyment. Sexual technicality is simply the act of treating your spouse in a very special way during sex to enhance his or passion for sex. In other words, sexual technicality is following a sexual and sensual pattern. First, there must be a proper preparation if sex must be enjoyed. Careful groundwork is essential; preparation begins long before bedtime as sex starts by breakfast and not by bedtime. The...

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5 Ways to Win a Man’s Trust Back After Losing It

Have you broken his trust? Have you tried to Baby Trap him?  Did you sleep with someone else?  Have you lied to him? Whatever you did, it was obviously bad enough for him to not trust you. But there is hope! Trust in a relationship can be won back, and he can learn to love you just as deeply as before. Here are 5 ways to help move things along: 1.  Apologize – Sincerely apologize for what you did.  You can’t change what you did in the past, but you can change what you plan to do in the future.  You need to let him...

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