Month: October 2014

Ten Values That Births a Great Society

Not everyone is cut out to embrace the family lifestyle but if you do, by establishing the right values into your offspring, you will be doing – Yourself, Lineage, Society, Nation and the Globe at large a great service of helping to bring about a better world to live in. Be it Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Career Development or whatever areas of interest you are passionate about, it all starts from the home which further justifies the saying that, “Charity Begins at Home”. In as much as right values may be learnt at any stage in life, it is better right...

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What to do with a child’s mind

We misinterprete who a child really is. We often think they are some ignorant look alike of us who will later choose who they want to be in life. We push them aside and just believe they should be playing and going to school. Children are treated as one of those foolish things that grow up to be wise. We fail to understand why they are in our lives.   Children are like plain papers given to parents as gifts. As our minds reflect us, so do their minds. These plain white papers came to us to me written...

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My Entire love

I am so happy I am married to you. I love the way you care for me and the way you understand everything that I say.i love you so much and i cant wait to be with you in your arms for ever and ever…. My love i love you so much and i really thank God for you coming in to my life and you been in my life has change totally and for ever and ever.I am so happy I am married to you. I love the way you care for me and the way you understand...

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A Child’s Evening Prayer

~Samuel Taylor Coleridge Ere on my bed my limbs I lay, God grant me grace my prayers to say: O God! preserve my mother dear In strength and health for many a year; And, O! preserve my father too, And may I pay him reverence due; And may I my best thoughts employ To be my parents’ hope and joy; And O! preserve my brothers both From evil doings and from sloth, And may we always love each other Our friends, our father, and our mother: And still, O Lord, to me impart An innocent and grateful heart, That...

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