Month: November 2014

Stopping the premonitions

Every young responsible man has learnt something from his parents ‘Not to treat his wife the wrong ways his father treated his mother’.   Most mother’s have taught their daughters to always fight in their marriages. They have taught them that, you must look your husband in the eye to correct him. You can’t trust a man. You must keep close eye on him.   Sadly, these two do not agree. The man comes in with a different premonition and so does the wife. At the start of such a marriage, the couple love each other. Later the husband...

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Why do men prefer their secretaries to their spouse?

It is often said that men do not talk. But it has been discovered that they prefer to talk to their secretaries especially the females. What is it with men and their female secretaries? The relationship often lead to sexual relationship as the man prefers to chat with her, take her to the business dinner and seek their advice. The advice may even include marital advice. The rampart nature of this relationship is more than witch craft but understanding the boss. Most wives do not respect and care for their husbands thus leaving the man to seek for care...

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Marriage With Muscle

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Husbands you must die!

Husbands you must do this!Wives spread this word!

Posted by Mastering Marriage on Friday, June 26, 2015