Month: December 2015

When your spouse becomes the stranger

My name is Dayo. I’m a typical Nigerian guy and I cherish my Fridays a lot; I get to hang out with the sickest guys every Friday night and secondly, It’s another escape from my nagging and boring wife. I get confused sometimes on whether she’s my mother or my wife. Don’t get it twisted; I love her pieces. It just gets complicated; like I wish we never got married…marriage has turned her into something that doesn’t amuse me. I wish she was still the adventurous, charming, high spirited lady I dated for five years. A lot of people...

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Can I Get An Encore?

My dear Jack, I present 60 lessons from my letters to you in 2015.  I hope you take them to heart as you enter the new year. Here they are: It’s not the beauty of a wife that keeps a man from straying. It is self-discipline. You need discipline before marriage, and you need discipline after marriage. Pray for a woman who cares about you, who sees your success as her success and her success as yours. Pray for someone who wants you, who’ll be so identified with you she’s you. Two people, one life. Love is a friendship...

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Husband killed wife over domestic disagreement

The husband was home already. When he perfunctorily checked his phone, his wife had called him thrice. He disregarded calling her back out of malice. The wife drove in some forty minutes later. He saw Usman opening the gate for her as his phone went on ringing. He checked it. It was his wife. She was in her car at the garage already. What is she calling me for? Foolish and stubborn wife! He said and ignored her calls. The call went on for a while. He ignored it as he sat with the TV.Thirty minutes later, she did...

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Parenting on Purpose

Are you parenting on purpose or leaving it to a game of chance? Are you paying attention to your children or neglecting them? Based on my little calculation, we all have an average of 15years of active parenting. I believe these years are very crucial and we must pay attention to this season of our life, before they leave our domain. There is time for everything. Heaven forbid that we miss this season. We must pay keen and specific attention to every aspect of our children’s lives. We live in dangerous time and we must wake up to our...

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The way they should go

Proverbs says ‘train up a child in the way he should go(according to his bent)… As parents, we must nurture our children and help develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Just imagine making a fish to fly, or forcing a gorilla to swim. Believe me, you will try hard and still not get the result; it is like focusing a round peg in a square hole- it is hard. But in it natural habitat, it will...

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