Author: Elizabeth Boladuro

Just Appetizers

Sounds weird, but it’s super powerful at building sexual tension and literally making you want to rip your clothes off. You are not allowed to have sex in this game… You are to try and entice your partner into initiating sex with you, while he is doing the exact same thing to you, that’s like wetting each other’s appetite. You lose when you give in and actually initiate sex. The winner is the partner who holds out the longest. It’s very good at building sexual tension, anticipation and arousal. You could even make a bet for the winner to...

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Dunk And Strip

All you need is a coin, a basketball and a basket. First, the couple each picks a side of the coin, toss it and establish who goes first. They both try to dunk the ball into the basket, every win means the opponent has to strip off one clothing item. Meanwhile, ensure both couples have the same number of clothing on. This builds up serious sexual tension, you cannot resist...

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Selling Your Birth Right

You know how you want your woman to sometimes take the leadership role in bed, this is a very good way to go about it without making her shy. All you need do is ask her to be you and you will be her. So, it will be her duty to initiate sex and be in control of everything that happens. You will be shocked how much she will loosen up and really enjoy herself. Because to her, it will be like payback time. Trust me, she will give it all she’s...

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Hide And Seek With a Twist

All that is required for this game is a dark room with many corners. Best played at night when the kids are in bed. One spouse goes into hiding in the dark stark naked, the second spouse, also naked, goes in search for the one hiding. Very sexy when the one being sought out is found. When naked bodies meet, they spark like electricity and you can tell what comes after. This is hide and seek with a whole new twist. I guaranty you will love...

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Right Where I Want You

Requirements: Four scarfs or more, a blind fold, and a bed, preferably with bedposts. What to do: He/she ties you to the bed using the scarfs and also blindfolds you, then he/she has his/her way with you without restrictions. Why: This is a game that will get your blood boiling and set your adrenaline pumping. You will find it incredibly erotic to be completely powerless, to be the absolute center of his/her attention, and to have no responsibility for or power over what happens. The fact that you cannot see keeps you at alert wondering what he is going to do...

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