Author: Funmilola Adetoye Adebiyi

Parenting on Purpose

Are you parenting on purpose or leaving it to a game of chance? Are you paying attention to your children or neglecting them? Based on my little calculation, we all have an average of 15years of active parenting. I believe these years are very crucial and we must pay attention to this season of our life, before they leave our domain. There is time for everything. Heaven forbid that we miss this season. We must pay keen and specific attention to every aspect of our children’s lives. We live in dangerous time and we must wake up to our...

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The way they should go

Proverbs says ‘train up a child in the way he should go(according to his bent)… As parents, we must nurture our children and help develop their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Just imagine making a fish to fly, or forcing a gorilla to swim. Believe me, you will try hard and still not get the result; it is like focusing a round peg in a square hole- it is hard. But in it natural habitat, it will...

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Parenting by Design

As parents, we must bring up our children, taking into consideration their different personality/temperament/gifts etc. Take time to study your child. It will help you to parent effectively. Our children are different and a combination of different temperament. It is our duty as a parent to help them develop based on their ‘bent’. God’s Pearls..raising godly...

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Guard Your Child’s Mind

I believe strongly that Parents should limit the amount of television their children watch. As parents, we must censor what our children watch on TV. Do not use the TV as a babysitter. Rather encourage them to play outdoor, or play with educational toys (such as building blocks, puzzles etc) or read books or engage in imaginative games. These will stimulate their brains than...

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