Author: Dare Shokunbi

The Cindy Story- Part 4

‘I loved Ken so much and never wanted to hurt him but there was a whole lot that I battled with and kept away from him. After we got married, I needed a job badly as Ken’s job could not pay the bills. I had to pick up a job with a law firm on one condition, to sleep with the CEO who was as young as my husband. I had to do it for the family since we were expecting our daughter Shanny. We went out several times although he never had an affair with me after the first meeting but he always wanted me to keep his company. We went out several times as he just enjoyed my company though he also had a family. I felt I was being unfair to Ken. I never wanted to continue but needed to keep my job. I was not in love with anyone but I felt guilt all the way. I just could not cope with seeing myself doing so terrible with such a faithful man as Ken. I never told Ken because I couldn’t take it from anybody if I was in his shoes. I am totally sorry.’ She began to cry. Ken smiled and held her close to his heart as Shanny was stunned. Ken said, ‘I’m sorry, I led you to this, I couldn’t take care...

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The Cindy Story- Part 3

Shanny broke down and wept. She didn’t believe she could do this. It was shocking! Her mom was in utter shock. Wonder if she could recover from it. Her daughter had fired a most valued work of art hung by the window.The duo cried over each other’s shoulder. Cindy held her daughter and felt disappointed in herself. Today is the 14th day of the month, a day Ken pays a visit to his daughter. He hardly comes in the morning but just decided to get breakfast for Shanny as a surprise. Ken knocked severally before Cindy walked up to the door in swollen face to let him in. The whole scene had taken about 2 hours and Cindy could not make it for work again that day. Unexpectedly, Cindy welcomed Ken with a hug and wept on his shoulders. Ken felt lost till he sighted his daughter who was also in tears. Cindy will not let go. Ken tried to be a man but tears rolled down his cheek as he remembered his lost love. After about 15 minutes, Cindy said, ‘Ken, I am sorry, I love you but you are more righteous than I am. I don’t want divorce no more. I want to be with you once again.’ Ken was stunned and could not speak. She turned to Shanny saying, “Baby, I am sorry for making life...

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The Cindy Story- Part 2

Shanny had requested to know why her mom filed for a divorce. She had asked her Dad and he claimed he never knew why she took the route. Ken said in his words, ‘I think Cindy has something to hide cos I stopped understanding her since two years ago, then you were seven’. The nine year old had since asked her mom what her reason for the divorce was until today when she decided she’ll get the answer by all means even if her mum gets fired. Cindy was in tears she called out to Shanny, ‘Please Shan, stop that! Put the gun down… Please baby….’ Shanny started to weep. She remembered the love that bound her family over the years and how the home got shattered over her mom’s insistence on divorce. Her peace loving father had to exit the marriage if that will make her happy. Shanny started to pull the trigger. Her mum screamed and wanted to run back to hit the alarm but Shanny shouted ‘Mum if you move, I’ll pull the triger!’. ‘Why did you file for a divorce? Why did you suddenly hate my father? I need you to tell me!’ Cindy turned back, weeping….. ‘I’ll tell you everything. Put down the gun’. Her mum began to step towards her. Shanny finally pulled the trigger. Never allow bitterness to thrive for so long. It...

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The Cindy Story- Part 1

Shanny has always expected an answer to her greatest questions that her mom always refused to provide an answer. She has decided to get the answer today. Her mom Cindy had divorced her husband and was ready to get married again. Cindy rushed down the stairs to approach the door picking her car keys. Shanny was right at the door with a gun to her head. Cindy shouted, ‘Shanny! OMG’. Shanny responded, ‘Mom, give me an answer or else I pull the trigger’. Cindy searched for her phone in the bag but suddenly looked beside Shanny’s foot and noticed she had smashed it. This looked so well planned. Shanny was ready for her mum. Life often times ask us questions and we fail to give an answer. Its like a car that keeps giving you a warning sign but you fail to give attention to it. There is always a time to clear your head. A time to shut down your phones and give answer to the relationship that is not working, to the things that you doubt about yourself. Don’t wait till you are under pressure to answer the questions of life. Watch out for the continuation of the story. Written by Dare...

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The Recreation of Love

  Dammy got married to the man of her dream. Rolly’s grandmother gave him a pot called the love pot. He was told that as long as the pot remained in his family, there will always be love. Grandmother told him that they should always cook with the mud pot which was made by her potter testifying to the fact that similar pot held the marriages of her children. Three years after the marriage, Dammy gave birth to the second child and had several guests. The kitchen slab fell and the love pot was broken. Her mother was responsible for placing the mud pot on a shaky wooden slab. Dammy told her mother to keep it secret and that she need her to make a new mud pot for her that looks exactly the same as the broken pot. She had her fears, asking questions if this was the end of love in her marriage. Ten years later, their marriage remained a loving one with two kids. Rolly began to talk about the love pot magic as he always did on their anniversaries. Suddenly, Dammy began to laugh and said we kept our marriage not the love pot. Rolly in his usual way disagreed. She finally broke out, ‘the love pot broke ten years ago and I made a new pot which I called the recreation of love’. They...

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