Author: Olaniyan Taiwo Oke

Getting Over Emotional Pain…Part 1

Yes. It cuts so deep. Very deep : especially when it’s from someone we never expected could to do such to us. It grips like fire, it cuts the same way grease cuts steel, it bangs like an old clock. I didn’t expect that from him,’ you say. Despites all, despites all the love and care I have shown, despites how much I’ve opened up and become vulnerable. Now he has stabbed me in the back. This is so painful, 2years gone and it’s still so fresh everytime I remember: like it happened yesterday. It’s a deep wound. I...

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Don’t Bury Your Voice…

What does she have to say? Who does she think she is? Who has given her the mouth to talk? Women like her should remain silent. They should not be allowed to speak in public. Afterall, if they really know much , they should be able to solve their own problems. When “women” are talking , people like her ought to be quiet. Let the married women with “visible” results speak. Let the ones who have “evidence”, have an opinion. Let the ones who the society calls “full fledged women” contribute. Who is she? A nobody. Another ranting one...

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Love, that beautiful word that gets the head bigger and the heart raging…lol. “Falling in Love” : Better experienced than imagined. Life becomes so beautiful. Everything begins to look clearer and the average lady begins to pay more attention to herself. She begins to laugh even when he is not really funny, she makes sure her make-up is well painted and just releases her heart,  just like that to a stranger she almost knows nothing about. Every woman loves to hold on dearly to that guy that tells her and treats her like she’s the best amongst them all....

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The Secret Lover….

..He looks, He checks, His ears are always to the ground. He reads his mails, never forgets to keep in touch, He stays close to friends and family and can accomodate them when they have challenges. He’s deeper than a friend, closer than a sibling, interested in every detail, yes! I mean every detail. The secret lover! Far but near, Busy but free, occupied yet attentive. The crowds gather around Him, the needy crave for His attention, his disciples wait with Him; still He creates time for everyone. I once read a story, it’s the story of a man...

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