4. Asides from helping to increase our pain threshold as discussed last time out,a healthy and frequent sexual life helps to reduce blood pressure, especially the diastolic pressure.

By extension, a healthy sexual life helps to reduce the incidence of stroke, heart attacks, kidney and heart diseases since hypertension is one of the foremost causes of the former.

5. A healthy sexual lifestyle also boosts immunity. Research revealed increased levels of antibodies called immunoglobulin A (igA). igA is very useful in building up our immunity. Sex increases the level of igA in the blood,thus strengthening immunity.

6. Sex reduces the risk of developing prostrate cancer amongst older men. Researchers who performed some retrospective studies found out that the incidence of prostrate cancer was more amongst old men who didn’t have a healthy sexual life while growing up.

7. Healthy sex helps us sleep better. The hormone Oxytocine promotes sleep. At orgasm, lots of oxytocine alongside other hormones are released into the body. This explains why couples sleep off after a good session of sex.

Also the fact that sex is good exercise contributes to the sleep it induces after orgasm..Exercise has been found according to studies to improve intimacy among couples.

Couples who enjoy a healthy sexual life tend to be more intimate with each other, all thanks to oxytocine.

No wonder a marriage counselor said that from his experience, he found out that if he could reinstate healthy sex among couples,no matter their grievances,they would soon be settled.

Written by Dr Chris

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