2. Closely related to emotional balance and emotional health is the fact that a healthy sexual lifestyle also boosts self-esteem. The quartet of hormones previously referred to are also involved in enhancing self esteem.

Frequent sexual activities which release these hormones frequently thus helps build self esteem. Besides, the feeling of being loved, cherished and accepted that takes place during sexual intimacy contributes to self-esteem.

Good sex, especially when it is moral and legitimate boosts self-confidence. It is important to keep reminding the reader that i am referring only to a healthy,moral sexual lifestyle because the truth is, there are people who keep hopping into bed with everything they see and each time, they come away feeling more hollow than they were when they went in there.

However when sex is practiced on a platform of love and acceptance,it boosts self-esteem. It is important to say however that there are several other thin gs that help to build a healthy self esteem, sex only adds to it.

This is one of the reasons why some people get addicted to sex because they have a bad self-esteem. The feeling of elation and fulfillment that they garner from the sexual sessions tends to counter-act and counter balance their natural feelings of insecurity.

That’s why you see boys and girls sleeping around carelessly.

3. Still closely related to the release of the four hormones spoken about earlier on is the fact that a healthy and fulfilling sexual life helps to increase our pain threshold. Endorphins particularly,help us to bear up with physical pains more, so people who are suffering from arthritis,headaches,generalized body aches and chronic fatigue are able to cope more with life if they have a healthy sexual lifestyle.

It is not only physical or bodily pain that i am talking about. I am also talking about psychological pains. The aforementioned hormones helps us to bear up with psychological pain. So if there is loss of any kind or a painful experience, research has shown that people who have a healthy lifestyle tend to fare better than most.

This is one reason why when people go through painful experiences (divorces,loss of a loved one etc.) they can tend to pop into bed with just about any person around. Suffice to say,healthy lifestyles of sex helps us to tolerate pain better.

(To be Continued)

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