God created sex for expression of love between a man and his wife (man and woman) in marriage.

But just like everything that God created, there are several benefits, physical, emotional, psychological and health-wise if a couple can have a fulfilling sexual life.

Some of the points that I’ll be talking about in this discussion are not only hypothesis or theories, they are products of research, scientific research.

Several scholars and surveys have conducted research on the benefits of sex and the results are always the same. If an adult has a productive and fulfilling sexual life, there are several benefits that they do gain.

When i talk about benefits of sex, i refer to a healthy sexual life. I am not talking about those who hop from bed to bed or practice one night stands, nor sexual addiction. I am talking about a healthy stable,fulfilling and God glorifying sexual life.

1. Emotional Health: Scholars carrying out research have proven that folks who have healthy sexual lives tend to be more emotionally stable.

Such persons are more psychologically balanced. studies actually show that people,especially adults that do not enjoy a healthy,frequent sexual life tend to be more depressed.

A good healthy sexual life therefore remotely keeps depression at a distance.

There are four hormones that govern our moods namely dopamine,serotonin,endorphins and oxytocines. Whether these hormones are in adequate supply or not is what leads to mood swings.

These quartet of hormones are responsible for our happiness. If they are in adequate supply, a person is happy,when inadequate,depressed.

The amazing thing is that all four hormones are released during sex, especially round about orgasm.

It therefore means that a couple that enjoy frequent healthy sessions of sexual intimacy tend to be happier. Sex literarily helps put depression at bay.

Written by Dr Chris

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