It’s been a long walk from childhood as a young man, being brought up in a Christian home. I saw the good, the bad and the ugly. i saw pains of how my mother bore all the responsibilities of the family and in reality,it was always like where was Dad?
With this, I swore not to ever have a home I cannot cater for. I have my own future now, I thank God I have a good job, married and with three lovely kids in succession. We are honestly not doing bad at all even though my wife is not working. In fact, she never had a job since she graduated although she had just finished her second degree when we married . We were actually hoping for a miracle but it hasn’t come.
However of late, the past ten months to be precise, our finances has not been good:debts, bills, more obligations.The situation is gone from bad to worse and the fear of degenerating to even worst is starring me on the face.its affecting my family relationship already as the pains of knowing that I am the only person that provides for the house and my wife appears clueless or helpless!
I am so worn out and losing it, just to meet up with our family needs. my Job is no longer giving me as much as I can say helps us to stay within our means.
I feel the weight of the world is on me and the financial pressure won’t even allow me to have time with my children.
Please,i need advice to know what to do.i do not wish to put this tough times realities on my wife or my children.i need insights please.#familymattersthursday