Yes. It cuts so deep. Very deep : especially when it’s from someone we never expected could to do such to us. It grips like fire, it cuts the same way grease cuts steel, it bangs like an old clock. I didn’t expect that from him,’ you say. Despites all, despites all the love and care I have shown, despites how much I’ve opened up and become vulnerable. Now he has stabbed me in the back. This is so painful, 2years gone and it’s still so fresh everytime I remember: like it happened yesterday. It’s a deep wound. I want to forget but I can’t. How can I ever get over this?

Dear Married Woman, I understand how you feel. We’ve all been there. Oh yes, we have. The disappointment, betrayal and tears.

However, God wants to heal us completely and one effective way to get over long- standing, deep emotional wounds is to STOP TALKING ABOUT IT TO EVERYONE. When we continually talk about an issue after a very long time, we give it the power to hurt us more.

Talking about such an issue gives it LIFE. Yes, it can be hard to get over, I know: but at the same time, do all you can not to give it “fresh life and power, desist from letting it control your life and emotions, avoid people who consistently want you to remember and revenge, let God heal you completely and fight your battles. Let it go and everytime you have to cry and talk about it, unburden in Gods presence and just switch to prayer/thanksgiving. The holy spirit is always willing to soothe our pains. QUIT GIVING IT LIFE AFTER SO MANY YEARS. Ask God to help you control your thoughts and everytime you remember it, don’t discuss it, don’t give a dead issue life.

Emotional healing takes time but you must deliberately follow a process. Our words give life. Stop giving the issue FRESH LIFE.

God will take you through the healing process and you will be glad you Let It Go.

I love you.