Love, that beautiful word that gets the head bigger and the heart raging…lol.

“Falling in Love” : Better experienced than imagined. Life becomes so beautiful. Everything begins to look clearer and the average lady begins to pay more attention to herself. She begins to laugh even when he is not really funny, she makes sure her make-up is well painted and just releases her heart,  just like that to a stranger she almost knows nothing about.

Every woman loves to hold on dearly to that guy that tells her and treats her like she’s the best amongst them all.

My story wasn’t different at all, my boyfriend (now husband) and I had been classmates for 6months and we had not spoken to eachother before. He had gotten a transfer to my school the year before and was just the quiet happy go lucky guy. On the other hand, I was like a triangular student who never wanted anything to do with a guy till I was sure my grades were

But as they say, life happens. We became best of friends along the line in year 3 and began dating. Life was fun. He was everything you could want in a guy. Every lady’s dream man who had all the time in the world to cook, gist, smile, laugh and “toast”…lol.

Eventually, we got married some years after and life became busier. My husband in particular was very busy. We both had to work. Our jobs were very demanding especially his and this took a toll on me as a woman because it wasn’t what I had planned for.

Every woman loves ‘attention’, coupled with the fact that my love language was having a man who spent “quality time” with me which was now NOT feasible.

As I prayed and cried and had to live with the reality on ground, one day, : God began speaking to my heart. He said : “There is a “How to Grow with and still be madly in love with a very busy man, my dear”.

First, “You have to be interested in what he does” – How do I mean ? You have to know a bit about what your husband does, otherwise you will really never have conversations at home again. God continued; One of the best ways to get into your husband’s busy world is to show genuine interest in his work. When he’s quiet and glued to his laptop busy doing e-mails and cracking up with tough office job, wrap your hands around his neck and chip in the little you know about his job like you have a solution. You will be shocked your husband will immediately respond and start to talk and “pour” everything about his new job and the challenges he is currently facing there.

When this happens, don’t stop abruptly, keep profering solutions and offering help and advice the little way you can.

Dear Married Woman, I must add that most men love a woman who can get into their “World”.  It shows you “feel” them and appreciate what they do to put food on Table.

Now let me say this, you will be tempted to change the topic to “home talks”, DON’T. Rather, leave him to do the talking about his work and you will be shocked at how he will naturally switch to what’s bothering you after some minutes even without you bringing it up.

I hope this has helped. To be continued….