Every young responsible man has learnt something from his parents ‘Not to treat his wife the wrong ways his father treated his mother’.


Most mother’s have taught their daughters to always fight in their marriages. They have taught them that, you must look your husband in the eye to correct him. You can’t trust a man. You must keep close eye on him.


Sadly, these two do not agree. The man comes in with a different premonition and so does the wife. At the start of such a marriage, the couple love each other. Later the husband loves, the wife fights. And again, the wife fights and he loves. Later she fights and he watches. Later she fights and he fights. Then, you can not point to what led to the whole thing because the premonitions have taken over.


Wives, do not be suspicious of your husbands especially if he is a responsible man. A man might want to love his wife but not know what best to do. Try to understand him. Husband, love your wife and reassure her! Erase the premonition. Let her know that marriage is not a battle field by keeping your dagger and use it in protecting her.


Don’t let the views of your mother, father or friends rule in your family. Don’t call your spouse what others call their spouses. Call him/her the sweet name you see him/her become. Create the sweet name and help your spouse to live it.


Your parents and friends are different so also is your spouse. Your spouse has a different background and configuration. Therefore, you must treat him/her as a special breed. Unravel your spouse like a surprise gift, do not ruffle your spouse like a suppressor. It is you duty to create a new notion on family. Can’t wait to see your family work.


Catch ya,

Dare Shokunbi