Shanny had requested to know why her mom filed for a divorce. She had asked her Dad and he claimed he never knew why she took the route.

Ken said in his words, ‘I think Cindy has something to hide cos I stopped understanding her since two years ago, then you were seven’.

The nine year old had since asked her mom what her reason for the divorce was until today when she decided she’ll get the answer by all means even if her mum gets fired.

Cindy was in tears she called out to Shanny, ‘Please Shan, stop that! Put the gun down… Please baby….’

Shanny started to weep. She remembered the love that bound her family over the years and how the home got shattered over her mom’s insistence on divorce. Her peace loving father had to exit the marriage if that will make her happy.

Shanny started to pull the trigger. Her mum screamed and wanted to run back to hit the alarm but Shanny shouted ‘Mum if you move, I’ll pull the triger!’. ‘Why did you file for a divorce? Why did you suddenly hate my father? I need you to tell me!’

Cindy turned back, weeping….. ‘I’ll tell you everything. Put down the gun’. Her mum began to step towards her.

Shanny finally pulled the trigger.

Never allow bitterness to thrive for so long. It might yield more than you bargained for.

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Written by Dare Shokunbi.