Shanny broke down and wept. She didn’t believe she could do this. It was shocking! Her mom was in utter shock. Wonder if she could recover from it. Her daughter had fired a most valued work of art hung by the window.The duo cried over each other’s shoulder. Cindy held her daughter and felt disappointed in herself.

Today is the 14th day of the month, a day Ken pays a visit to his daughter. He hardly comes in the morning but just decided to get breakfast for Shanny as a surprise. Ken knocked severally before Cindy walked up to the door in swollen face to let him in. The whole scene had taken about 2 hours and Cindy could not make it for work again that day.

Unexpectedly, Cindy welcomed Ken with a hug and wept on his shoulders. Ken felt lost till he sighted his daughter who was also in tears. Cindy will not let go. Ken tried to be a man but tears rolled down his cheek as he remembered his lost love.

After about 15 minutes, Cindy said, ‘Ken, I am sorry, I love you but you are more righteous than I am. I don’t want divorce no more. I want to be with you once again.’

Ken was stunned and could not speak.

She turned to Shanny saying, “Baby, I am sorry for making life miserable for us all but I’ll tell you what happened after all”.

The room was still as she was about to tell the story.

Morale: Changes often comes when you least expect it. The darkest night is often a minute to break of the day.

Watch out for the last episode of the Cindy story….
Written by Dare Shokunbi.