Dammy got married to the man of her dream. Rolly’s grandmother gave him a pot called the love pot. He was told that as long as the pot remained in his family, there will always be love. Grandmother told him that they should always cook with the mud pot which was made by her potter testifying to the fact that similar pot held the marriages of her children.

Three years after the marriage, Dammy gave birth to the second child and had several guests. The kitchen slab fell and the love pot was broken. Her mother was responsible for placing the mud pot on a shaky wooden slab. Dammy told her mother to keep it secret and that she need her to make a new mud pot for her that looks exactly the same as the broken pot. She had her fears, asking questions if this was the end of love in her marriage.

Ten years later, their marriage remained a loving one with two kids. Rolly began to talk about the love pot magic as he always did on their anniversaries. Suddenly, Dammy began to laugh and said we kept our marriage not the love pot. Rolly in his usual way disagreed. She finally broke out, ‘the love pot broke ten years ago and I made a new pot which I called the recreation of love’. They both laughed and saw that it wasn’t the love pot after all; it was their desire to make it happen. However, the love pot mirage had always put their mind at peace.


You can always recreate whatever has been broken in your life and still get excellent result. Always be ready to get up and make your life and family work.

Dare Shokunbi