We misinterprete who a child really is. We often think they are some ignorant look alike of us who will later choose who they want to be in life. We push them aside and just believe they should be playing and going to school. Children are treated as one of those foolish things that grow up to be wise. We fail to understand why they are in our lives.


Children are like plain papers given to parents as gifts. As our minds reflect us, so do their minds. These plain white papers came to us to me written upon. We are to inscribe the true codes of life-defining the way life should be lived. I learnt from my daughter that children do not do what you say but what you do. They don’t understand words as much as the movies of life they watch. You are the first picture of life they get if you are exposed to them in the thriller movie of life.


Often times, parents allow everyone to write on their children’s mind except them. Most times we make them watch movies, be controlled by the nanny and allowed to play on the streets. Thus the children begin to see life as scribbles. They are not properly directed in most cases. Life looks like you can do whatever you want. Life begins to appear as some confused blur scribbles on the plain paper of their mind.


Parents were given this great gift to write the codes of life-codes of love, respect and greatness. Training children is a deliberate act. Children are meant to know the dos and donts of life so they can be successful. They need not go through the same process you went through. Children should stand on the shoulders of giants-their parents. Life should not be left to their exploration only but also to parental exposure and modifications.


Parents should carefully expose their children to life in the eyes of great people. Parents need to learn to rush home to train their kids. Training children is not some serious business; like a teacher holding some long old whips. Children learn by what you do. Parents should simply live before their children the way life should be lived. They learn in the way you play with them-so play with them. They learn the way to talk to people when they are wrong-so talk to them when they are wrong. They learn to empathize the way you do-so empathize correctly.


Parenting is real work and it is often done subconsciously. You adequately train your child when you spend quality time with them. Quality time is found in the quantity of time you spend with them since the training is subconscious. Train the child early. Write the codes on time so you can simply release them into life trusting their decisions


I do not believe that a well trained child can become wayward because I believe the word of God which says, ‘Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it’. If God’s word is true, then training God’s way is the way to writing God’s codes in the minds of our plain paper gift-Children.


Love You,

Dare Shokunbi