It is often said that men do not talk. But it has been discovered that they prefer to talk to their secretaries especially the females. What is it with men and their female secretaries? The relationship often lead to sexual relationship as the man prefers to chat with her, take her to the business dinner and seek their advice. The advice may even include marital advice.

The rampart nature of this relationship is more than witch craft but understanding the boss. Most wives do not respect and care for their husbands thus leaving the man to seek for care elsewhere. What exactly does the secretary do to win over the boss?


A staff has no choice than to respect the boss especially one that may require favors from him. The secretary wants to ensure the boss made the right choice of employing him so she respects the boss. Men naturally love people who show them respect. God knew women can be tempted to disrespect the man, so he told them to submit to their own husbands. The secretary does this for monthly pay and to ensure cordial relationship and this works for her. When you respect people, you value their opinion at all times and show them how much you honor their leadership

The wife should respect her husband much more than the secretary will ever do. Some women do not even know how to respect their husbands. What respect means to a man differs from one man to the other mainly because of their growing up experience. Respect might mean the way you accept his opinion, the way you greet him when he comes back, how you respond to him infront of the kids etc. Cook a sumptuous meal for him today and while in bed, ask him what respect means to him and how he loves you to show him respect.

Intelligent Conversation

The secretary knows the man’s job and can advise him in line with the job. She knows the day in day on movement of the job. She understands the business performance. What do you know about his job as a wife? The secretary has the task of solving several job related problems and if she does it well, she wins your husband. She makes intelligent conversations. Your husband will definitely like her smartness and may end up loving her.

Most wives sees their husbands just as bread winners. Some don’t know their husband’s current job function neither do they understand his industry. Win your husband by understanding his job enough to be his adviser. When you hear about his job, go and google as much information as possible and ask him questions. You can not win him through just asking how work went today until you can relate with his responsibilities and solve his problems.

Understand the boss’ way of thinking:

The secretary knows what the boss is thinking and what he wants. She is the best secretary if she can spot this very well. She takes it as her first role to know the boss and respond appropriately at all times. The secretary knows when the boss is not ready for visitors and when he is. She knows what is topmost on the boss’ mind. Its her job. Do you know your job in understanding your husband? The boss doesn’t need to tell the secretary everything. She knows what to do. If she fails to act accordingly, she knows she can be seen as incompetent. Its not her fault, its her job

Wives should understand the way their husbands think. No man will tell you how he thinks at first, they will like you to discover it. If you get it, they can tell you more. A man loves to know his wife understands him perfectly. Your first job as a wife is to understand the man. Men are not so complicated thus careful studying and observation will give you a lead.

Knows when the boss is down

Though related to understanding the boss, this is the easiest place to win your man. I have isolated it because this is when your husband’s guards are down. Anyone can easily make his way through at this time. The secretary knows when he is emotionally down and discouraged. She might be the only one available and encouraging him when this happens. She might be so smart to know when he wants sex and he isn’t getting it. So if she can play the game, she gets the man.

Wives should read their husband not suspiciously but supportively. Providing for his emotional need is something you need to be good at. When a man is down, atimes he needs an advice, sometimes he needs to know you are praying for him and sometimes helping him to bed might be the best gift to ease his tension.

I like to know why women prefers to talk to the girls and not their husbands.

Dare Shokunbi